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What are the sizes of plastic packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-05
In the process of customizing plastic packaging bags, size is an aspect that must be considered. After all, the size of the items to be loaded will definitely be different for the size requirements. Because the size is not selected according to the loaded items, not only will the aesthetics and practicability be greatly reduced, but also unnecessary fabrics are easily wasted, resulting in increased costs. So what are the sizes of plastic packaging bags? The following editor will introduce to you: The conventional size standards of plastic packaging bags are as follows: 10 inches 25×35×10s 10 inches 30×40×10s 12 inches 35×45×10s 12 inches 37×48×11s 14 inches 40×50×11s 16 inches 45×55×11s 18 inches 50×60×11s 20 inches 70×60×11s But if the stuff is bigger, you can choose a large size plastic bag: 24 inches 70×80×11s 30 inches 80×95×11s 36 inches 80×110×11s The contents described above are the most common sizes of plastic packaging bags. But in general, the size of plastic packaging bags is determined by the size of the items to be contained, and there is no uniform specification. Therefore, when we carry out plastic packaging bags, we should design and manufacture them according to your actual needs.
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