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What are the tips for quality inspection of aluminum foil bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-21
As a type of flexible packaging, aluminum foil bags must be one of the basic functions that aluminum foil bags should have. Special attention should be paid in production to avoid quality problems in the produced aluminum foil bags and ensure that there are no problems before they appear in the market. Correspondingly, the production quality inspection of aluminum foil bags is also very important. Production quality inspection of aluminum foil bags: When inspecting the produced aluminum foil bags, we can intuitively feel the printing quality problems of the aluminum foil bags, such as whether there are wire drawing, fogging, blocking, missing printing, etc., and the surface of the aluminum foil bag Whether there is a third color at the splicing of the two printed colors; secondly, after observing the printing quality of the aluminum foil bag, it is necessary to check the material quality of the aluminum foil bag. A quality aluminum foil bag should be odorless and tasteless in terms of materials, and for an aluminum foil bag without peculiar smell, it is also necessary to check whether the transparency and clarity of the packaging bag are uniform and free of impurities. Furthermore, the function of the aluminum foil bag in protecting the goods is the firmness and heat sealing strength of the aluminum foil bag. We can directly tear it at the edge of the aluminum foil bag for inspection. The aluminum foil bag made of nylon and high-pressure film is generally It is difficult to tear by hand and can be used to hold heavier products, while the aluminum foil bag made of OPP heat-sealing film is easy to tear, and can only hold some lighter products. At the same time, after the aluminum foil bag is torn, it depends on the shape and structure of the section of the aluminum foil bag. If it is torn evenly from the middle of the heat seal of the aluminum foil bag, it means that the heat sealing performance of the aluminum foil bag is poor; if it is torn from the sealing edge , indicating that the heat sealing quality is good. Reasonable use of inspection skills to judge the production quality of aluminum foil bags can save a lot of effort for subsequent work. For flexible packaging companies, it is also a high-quality choice to ensure corporate reputation and production quality.
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