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What are your expectations for the development of the food packaging industry in 2015?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-02
Food packaging bags occupy a very important position in my country's packaging industry and are the pillar industry of the packaging industry. According to the information provided by the World Packaging Organization (WPO), the global packaging industry turnover has exceeded 500 billion US dollars, and its composition is: paper and cardboard 32%, plastic 28%, metal 24%, glass 6%, and packaging machinery 5% . The other 5%, accounting for the top four are the four major packaging materials-paper, plastic, metal and glass, which together account for about 90% of the food packaging industry's turnover. In Japan, the average annual growth rate of the total consumption of various packaging materials is 2.8%, of which paper and paper accounted for 4.7%, metal 4.9%, glass 3.3%, and plastics reached 7.1%. This shows that the development of packaging materials is still based on plastics. Materials are developing fastest, and this situation deserves the attention of domestic packaging material manufacturers. The food packaging bag industry will reduce shipping costs through the use of lighter materials, shorten production time through the use of specially designed components and systems, and strive towards the goal of providing packaging operations with the least amount of materials. At present, the food packaging industry is paying attention to the rational use of materials and labor saving in the operation process, as well as the reduction of inventory and handling costs from the circulation link. In order to compete in the global market, the food packaging bag industry is committed to seeking unique food packaging in the global market from packaging materials, equipment, and sales. Recycling of food packaging waste and sustainable economic development strategy. In order to eliminate the harm caused by food packaging waste to people and protect the environment, the food packaging recycling industry will emerge and develop rapidly. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for commodity packaging bags is increasing, the requirements for commodity packaging bags are also increasing, and the requirements for the use value of packaging bags are also increasing. The current rapid growth in the output value of the packaging industry highlights the huge development prospects of the packaging industry. my country is the world’s largest producer and seller of fruits and vegetables. However, about 30% of the fruits are lost during storage, transportation, and sales. Improper packaging is an important reason. Under the fiercely competitive market conditions, the role of packaging becomes more and more important. It's getting more and more important. At present, polyethylene film and polypropylene film are the most widely used packaging materials for fresh fruits and vegetables. Plastics play an important role in the construction of national urban infrastructure and high-speed railways, and the plastic consumer market continues to expand. The government pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, and supports the plastics processing industry as a key industry in the light industry adjustment and revitalization plan. Therefore, the demand for plastic packaging will continue to rise. The market trend of plastic packaging bags continues to be optimistic. According to a report by the Cleveland Industry Market Research Company, the global demand for plastic packaging bags will grow at an annual rate of 6.2%. By 2018, the total market demand will reach 37.3 billion U.S. dollars. The increase in this value is triggered by the traditional consumption preferences of consumers and producers. The market is more inclined to traditional plastic packaging forms, which can be said to be a kind of market consumption inertia. In China and other developing countries where the market is rapidly expanding, the expansion of the production scale of packaging bags and the rising market demand present a complementary trend. The report shows that by 2018, the market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to have the highest revenue. Among them, food packaging (especially beverage packaging) and pharmaceutical packaging will be the two main growth poles. On the other hand, the continuous improvement of the portability and design sense of the packaging itself has also promoted market demand. The more developed countries take Japan and South Korea as examples, and the base of packaging consumer groups remains stable; the highly industrialized regions take Central and South America as examples, and the packaging demand continues to grow steadily; the most mature packaging markets take North America and Western Europe as examples, and the upward trend in demand exceeds expectations Ratio; the most promising packaging markets that have to be mentioned include China, Thailand and India. Strong demand drives the productivity of the entire packaging market. The new development trend of packaging bags opens up a new round of markets. Some mature markets have begun to accept and popularize higher-performance packaging bags, such as the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and Japan. They also support USD conversion in transactions. In the forecast of development prospects, standing packaging bags will have the most potential for growth in demand.
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