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What foods need vacuum food packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-20
There are many kinds of food on the market, all kinds of snacks, cooked food, pickled products, cosmetics, daily necessities, all are inseparable from packaging bags. Especially with so many types of food, some food packaging bags are vacuum, and some contain air. For example, the potato chip food packaging bag, which is filled with oil and air, supports the whole packaging bag and looks good. Since potato chips are relatively brittle and easily broken when touched, air must be injected when packing to prevent chips from breaking during transportation and affecting sales. Food bags for potato chips are filled with air, but some bags are pumped out. Let's take a look at those foods that need vacuum food packaging bags! How are exquisite food packaging bags made? The packaging will tell you 1. Chicken feet with soaked feet is a cooked food and pickled product. It needs vacuum packaging, and the air is evacuated. The storage period of cooked food is short, and it will easily deteriorate when exposed to air. 2. Chicken wings and drumsticks, the same as the spicy chicken feet above, vacuum-packed. 3. Pickled cabbage, sour bamboo shoots, in addition to sour bamboo shoots, there are some juices in this category, so vacuum packaging is very important. If the packaging is not good, it will easily deteriorate. The above is the introduction of vacuum food packaging bags. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of vacuum food packaging bags. If you want to purchase custom food packaging bags, please contact us, and you can customize various bag-type packaging bags, three-side sealing, four-side sealing, self-supporting Bags, special-shaped bags, etc., all kinds of bags are customized according to customer needs. Packaging is a large-scale production enterprise of modern plastic flexible packaging integrating color printing and bag making, focusing on one-stop service of product development, design and production. At the same time, it is committed to the implementation of the deep industrialization upgrade strategy, and has successively introduced 5 automatic high-speed printing machines, 2 solvent-free laminating machines and bag making equipment. by“Seeking innovation, seeking speed, seeking truth, seeking excellence”work style to win customer satisfaction.
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