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What is a washed aluminum bag, and what is the difference between it and aluminized bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-23
Washed aluminum bag, also called partial hollow aluminized bag, is a partially transparent composite bag that uses plastic film to compound part of hollow aluminized film (or part of aluminized layer to withdraw aluminum). Aluminum washing is to remove or wash off part of the aluminized layer on the film. Now, aluminum wash bag is a packaging bag product with high printing requirements and beautiful design effect at home and abroad. It is also a popular and advanced anti-counterfeiting packaging in the world. Next, the professional flexible packaging manufacturer will discuss the difference between the down-washed aluminum bag and the general aluminum-plated bag based on years of high-quality aluminum-washed bag production experience. The aluminum-washed bag is obviously different from the general composite aluminized bag. The general composite aluminized bag is that the whole bag or the front (or bad) of the entire bag is composited with the aluminized film. The aluminum washing bag is different. As long as you want which part of the bag has the luster effect of aluminum and which part is transparent and visible, it can be designed and produced, instead of being limited to a certain direction or a certain regular image. . In terms of printing, the washing aluminum bag is better than the general composite aluminized bag. From the perspective of decoration grade, it is more beautiful and beautiful than the general composite aluminized bag. There are many different practices and operating experience about the aluminum washing process, but there are still relatively few companies that can achieve large-scale and high-efficiency production. Now, some users have evolved this process into a transfer printing process, such as aluminized film water washing process, which is to apply the aluminum washing process to the cold tear transfer printing process to achieve new functions such as anti-counterfeiting and packaging display. In general, the aluminum wash bag has the characteristics of clear pictures and texts, high precision, strong three-dimensional sense, similar layers, bright colors, smooth surface, and high wear resistance. From the perspective of commercial security, it is also a form of packaging with strong anti-counterfeiting properties, which helps to improve product quality and added value, and has stronger product market competitiveness.
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