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What is easy tear film? Which products are suitable for use with tear-off film?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-20
1. What is easy tear film“easy to tear”and“Easy to reveal”It is often confused on packaging films. In fact, the so-called easy tearing means that a piece of paper can be torn from the middle, and the crack is straight. The easy-release film is opened from the surface along the heat cover of the two films. It can be imagined that the two films are heat-sealed together by process treatment. The commonly used easy-tear packaging in the market is the easy-to-reel film. The full name of the easy-to-reel film is the thermoformed stretched easy-to-remove film. We are familiar with this kind of packaging used for braised eggs. 2. Features of easy tear film The most prominent feature of easy tear film is that it is easy to seal and open. Different from ordinary plastic, the seal is tight and requires a lot of effort to open, which is very unfriendly to the elderly and children with little strength, and the items inside are easy to spill. The easy-tear film can be easily torn apart during the opening process, and the tear opening at the seal is smooth and neat, which can better protect the internal products and avoid waste. Some friends worry about the tightness of the easy-to-tear film products, but after many experiments, it is found that the easy-to-tear film has good sealing performance, high corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation, acid hydrolysis resistance, long shelf life, and is not affected by harsh weather and other excellent characteristics. At the same time, due to the characteristics of the material, the printing effect of the easy-tear film is very beautiful, and the color development is clear and bright, so the packaged product has a very good appearance, and its lower unsealing temperature and lower n-hexane precipitation, very Suitable for high-speed automatic packaging. Third, the application of easy to tear film 1, cover film packaging. Products that are packaged in a cover film, such as jelly and pasta, generally use easy-to-tear film. Because the cover film is different from three-side sealing, four-side sealing and other packaging bags, the upward opening method and the narrower edge make it more difficult to find the focus point and open more difficult for cover film packaging products. Therefore, it is necessary to apply an easy-tear film. 2. Convenience food. The easy-tear film is easy to use and easy to take, so it is widely used in food, including braised products, casual snacks, seasoning packets, solid beverages and other foods, and the easy-tear film is mostly used. 3. Elderly products. The physical strength of the elderly is generally poor, and it is difficult for them to tear products with high heat sealing strength. They can only be opened with tools such as scissors. Easy-tear film packaging does not have this problem, and the elderly can easily open it, which is very good. Satisfying the sense of achievement of the elderly. Therefore, it is recommended that protein powder, health products, etc. used by the elderly should be easily peeled off.
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