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What is solvent-free composite technology

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-01
The latest printing technology in packaging and printing is now dominated by solvent-free, so as to meet the printing effect requirements of different packaging bags. Today, plastic bags will work with everyone to understand what is solvent-free printing: solvent-free composite Named because it does not use volatile organic solvents in the entire compounding process, it is a nationally recognized green compounding process and the future development direction of flexible packaging compounding. It refers to the use of solvent-free adhesives and curing reaction to bond two or more different types of substrates together to obtain a green composite technology with new functional materials. Solvent-free adhesives are usually divided into two-component (main agent and curing agent, also called A glue and B glue in the industry) polyurethane adhesives and one-component polyurethane adhesives. In the field of flexible packaging, solvent-free composite substrates generally include various plastic films, aluminized films, thin paper, and aluminum foil. Because it has the latest solvent-free printing technology, it has been getting many large orders from world-renowned brands, such as the more well-known Dove chocolate, Liby laundry detergent, Semir, Adidas and other brands, which are also relatively in the industry. For powerful companies, if you want to know more about related products, you are welcome to click on the product column page of the official website to view, and you are warmly welcome to discuss cooperation!
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