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What is the anti-static packaging bag?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-20
What is the anti-static packaging bag like? In fact, it has many names, such as (aluminum foil bags, vacuum packaging bags, shielding bags.) These can be called anti-static bags. We first classify by material, mainly aluminum material and electronic film, nylon, pe material. According to the structure, there are APET/CPE, APET/CPP. and PET/AL/PA/CPE, PET/AL/CPE and PA/AL/PE, etc. By function: they are all waterproof, anti-static, moisture-proof, dust-proof, but the oxygen permeability and water vapor transmission rate are different due to different materials, food packaging bags such as four-layer aluminum foil bags are not only anti-static, moisture-proof, waterproof, Dustproof, shading, vacuuming performance is very good, it is widely used in food, medical, electrical, chemical, communication, PCBA, chip IC, optics and other packaging. The anti-static bags are used in daily electronic products and industrial electronic products, optoelectronic communications, motherboards, graphics cards, memory, chip IC anti-static, moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof packaging, etc.
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