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What is the cause of air leakage in vacuum packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-08
With the continuous increase of cooked food in the market, the market's demand for vacuum packaging is also gradually increasing. For vacuum packaging bags, the most worrying problem is that after the bag is placed for a period of time, the vacuum packaging bag will expand. This loses the effect of vacuum packaging, so do you know what causes this to happen? The following is an analysis of the four major reasons why Shenzhen vacuum packaging bag manufacturers have leaked and expanded bags. 1. The bacteria in the vacuum packaging bag often produces gas. If the material of the vacuum packaging bag is no problem, you can consider whether it is due to the incomplete sterilization and the rapid reproduction of the bacteria inside the bag. This phenomenon The situation usually occurs in the use of vacuum packaging of meat products. The inspection method is very simple. Use this bag to pack an appropriate amount of rice (rice generally does not have gas-producing bacteria) and place it in a vacuum for half a month. If there is no bag swelling, it means that It is caused by incomplete sterilization in the process of using vacuum packaging bags. At this time, you can adjust the sterilization process. 2. The airtightness of the vacuum packaging bag and the permeability of the vacuum packaging bag After the food is bagged, the vacuum packaging bag should be hot-pressed in the last process, and the quality of this process will directly affect the quality of the vacuum packaging bag. sealing performance. If the final edge is not tightly sealed, the packaging bag will leak air, and the air will penetrate into the vacuum packaging bag from the leaking part of the packaging bag. The permeability of vacuum packaging bags is too large, which is another reason for the expansion of food bags. 3. During the transportation process and the storage temperature of the seller's warehouse, many products are caused by the fact that the room temperature exceeds 37 degrees Celsius intermittently, one is cold and the other is hot, and condensed water is generated inside. 4. The reaction between food additives produces gas or the reaction between food additives and ingredients produces gas.
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