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What is the cause of the bag swelling during the placement process after the vacuum packaging bag is packaged?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-08
Recently, several customers in the process of packaging upgrade told us that many of their packed bags, after being placed for two weeks, the number of air pockets in the packaging bags increased significantly, and the vacuum level decreased significantly, which seriously affected the product quality. How to do? Today, the professional flexible packaging manufacturer, based on its own packaging experience, analyzes the reasons and solutions for the rise of the bag during the placement process of the vacuum packaging bag after packaging. 1. Reasons​Assuming that bag inflation is a common phenomenon, the possible reasons are as follows: 1. The barrier properties of the packaging bags are lacking; 2. After vacuum packaging, gas-producing bacteria are producing effects. 3. Incomplete sterilization. We can judge whether the barrier property of the packaging bag itself is not good through a simple comparison test! If the rice is packed and the vacuum degree remains excellent after being placed for a period of time (two weeks), it means that the barrier property of the packaging material is not the dominant factor in the occurrence of bag swelling. The test proves: when the oxygen concentration in the packaging bag≤1%, the growth and reproduction rate of microorganisms dropped sharply; the oxygen concentration≤0.5%, most microorganisms will be restrained and multiply. (Note: Vacuum packaging cannot restrain the reproduction and discoloration of food caused by anaerobic bacteria and enzymatic reactions, so it needs to be combined with other auxiliary methods, such as refrigeration, quick freezing, dehydration, high temperature sterilization, irradiation sterilization, microwave sterilization , salt pickling, etc. can be adjusted to obtain aseptic effect). Incomplete sterilization often constitutes microbial overrun. The reasons are mainly manifested in two aspects. First, the sterilization process is unreasonable, and the temperature and time of sterilization are faulty. Second, the quality is unstable due to improper operation or operation errors. Reasons for food sterilization errors: 1. Errors in equipment and appearance: the sterilizer is not equipped according to the technical requirements, the heat distribution is uneven, the water leakage, steam leakage, air leakage or blockage of the pipeline system, the pot door or the pot body leaks , the insulation layer of the pot body is incomplete, resulting in uneven temperature steam, compressed air, tap water, etc. below the operating standard; mercury thermometer damage may be inaccurate, automatic temperature recorder failure or the arc of the pointer does not mesh with the recording paper, or flashing The temperature is not determined to exceed the mercury thermometer; 2. Errors in the composition of the product: the initial temperature of sterilization is lower than the process requirements, the maximum canning volume exceeds the specification, the PH value of the product exceeds the specification, the production line or formula is changed, the packaging The change of the cage method makes the stacking of cans or the improper use of the backing plate to exceed the highest water activity; 3. Operational errors: the residence time from can sealing to sterilization exceeds the process rules, which increases the number of initial bacteria; Gas operation failed to meet the temperature and time requirements of the process regulations together; the temperature and time of sterilization were lower than the design allowed by the process. 2. Cases such as 'Analysis of Food Quality and Safety Cases' P114“5.5 Mildew of boiled vegetables in vacuum packaging”For example: soft-package boiled vegetables (contents include: bracken, celery, bamboo shoots, carrots, mushrooms, etc.), PH value 4.2-4.4. Phenomenon: The solid content of the product is moldy, and the contents are softened by gently touching it with hands, and when shaken, it becomes the posture of the puree of fruit and vegetable juice, but there is no phenomenon of expanding the vegetable bag. Sampling and analysis, it was found that there are many molds, and this mold can be killed by heating to more than 70 degrees. Causes of microbial overruns and incomplete sterilization: 1. On-site treatment, such as materials stored for too long after selection, and the randomness of running water rinsing. Between the previous process and the next process, the interval between exposure to the air is too long; 2. The engineering time of some products is long, and exposure to the air may cause bacterial reproduction; 3. The sterilizer operates at will, and there is a The phenomenon of timely sterilization (for some products, the time interval from vacuum packaging to sterilization is too long, and the exposure time of unsterilized products at room temperature such as 30 degrees is too long, which may cause incomplete sterilization; Phenomenon of sterilization time.
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