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What is the difference between aluminum foil composite film and aluminum-plastic composite film and aluminized film

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-24
I believe that many people are not very clear about what aluminum film composite film, aluminum plastic composite film, aluminized film, and aluminum plastic film are. What is the difference between them? The following aluminum foil bag manufacturers - packaging will give you a detailed explanation of the differences between these types of films. 1. Aluminum foil composite film and aluminum-plastic composite film 1. Aluminum foil composite film is the most commonly used composite roll film, usually containing pure aluminum (AL) and aluminized (VMPET). 2. Aluminum-plastic composite film is divided into two types: aluminum-plastic film and aluminized composite film. Next, let's talk about their materials, structural composition and characteristics. 2. Materials 1. Aluminum foil (AL) (1) Aluminum foil is an extremely thin sheet formed by rolling high-purity aluminum for many times. It is an excellent thermal conductor and light shielding body. (2) The purity of aluminum foil for packaging is above 99.5%. 2. Aluminized film (VMPET) Vacuum aluminized film is a film in which aluminum vapor is deposited on various base films in a high vacuum state. The thickness of the aluminized layer is generally 350 to 400A. 3. Structural composition 1. Aluminum plastic film (1) PET/aluminized CPP (use structure for lightweight products) (2) PET/AL/PE (use structure below 10KG) (3) PET/AL/CPP (use structure for pesticides) ) (4) PET/AL/NY/PE (heavy packaging structure) (5) PA/AL/CPP (polymer lithium battery flexible packaging) 2. Aluminized composite film PET aluminized + PE 4. Performance characteristics 1. Aluminum The plastic film has good flexibility, moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, light-shielding, shielding, anti-static, vacuum-pumping, and color printing. The materials used in each structure are different, resulting in different final properties. Indicators may differ by 10 times or even a hundred times. 2. Aluminized composite film Anti-static; can be evacuated; light-blocking, oxygen; waterproof, moisture-proof; 5. Scope of application 1. Aluminum plastic film can be used in food, medicine, pesticide, chemical industry, mechanical and electrical products, etc. In the food and pharmaceutical industries, such as potato chips outer packaging bags, capsule outer packaging bags, etc. 2. Aluminized composite film Aluminized composite film series products are suitable for: moisture-proof, light-proof and vacuum packaging of chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, and lithium iron phosphate cathode materials. It adopts two-layer structure, which has good toughness and good water and oxygen barrier functions. The size is not limited, and packaging bags of different specifications and styles can be customized, and can be made into flat pockets, three-dimensional bags and other styles. The product has been tested by GB standard and meets the requirements of environmental protection (third-party test report can be provided). Customized aluminum foil bags, choose the packaging bag manufacturer to choose the packaging. Paper Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is a professional custom food packaging bag, plastic packaging bag, grain packaging bag, rice packaging bag, flour packaging bag, dried fruit packaging bag, dry food packaging bag, jujube packaging bag, snack packaging Bags, cooked food packaging bags, pet food bags, fertilizer packaging bags, coffee packaging bags, tea packaging bags, seasoning packaging bags, bread/hamburger packaging bags, juice/laundry liquid packaging bags and other compound bags.
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