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What is the difference between freezer bags and quick freeze bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-15
What is the difference between a freezer bag and a quick-freeze bag, then let's first understand what freezing and quick-freezing are. The freezing here, we are talking about the freezing of food, freezing refers to the process of freezing the liquid water in the meat food into a solid state by a low-temperature method. We usually control the low temperature here at -5℃~-1℃. Then let's talk about quick freezing. Quick freezing refers to the rapid freezing of food into very small ice crystals, and it cannot seriously damage the cells and tissues, preserve the original flavor of the food, and prolong the shelf life of the food. Generally, the temperature we control for quick freezing is -30℃~-18℃. Let's talk about the difference between freezer bags and quick freeze bags. 1. The packaging materials are different. The freezing bag only needs a food packaging bag that is resistant to cold and water. The quick-freezing bag not only needs to be resistant to cold and water, but also needs a certain barrier property. 2. Different packaging uses, freezer bags are generally limited to the storage of meat, and quick-freeze bags can not only store meat, but also fruit, vegetables and other categories. 3. The price of packaging is different. The price of freezer bags is cheaper than that of quick-freeze bags. Because quick-freeze bags require a certain barrier property, materials that can achieve barrier properties will be more expensive. The above is the difference between a freezer bag and a quick-freeze bag. I believe you have a certain understanding of the difference between a freezer bag and a quick-freeze bag. Then you must ask clearly what you want when you consult packaging bags, freezer bags or quick-freeze bags. The bag looks like, what needs to be stored, whether it needs to be puncture-proof, and what is the temperature of the frozen product, so that we can give you a more accurate quotation.
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