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What is the difference between product packaging in winter and other seasons?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-07
In winter, cold weather is normal. In cold weather, the temperature will naturally be low. For example, we people have to wear a few more clothes to keep the body warm, so the machine also needs to keep warm, so how to keep warm? In the process of packaging processing, the packaging machine needs to perform side-sealing treatment on the packaging film. During the side-sealing process, it needs to reach the specified temperature before it can bond the film. When it is not reached, the bonding will not be tight, Make the packaging bag burst open, making the packaging more need to spend more time, and then add a troublesome process to the packaging. So, how do we avoid this situation? How to keep him warm during the packaging process? When we pack, the side seal treatment port is heated according to the resistance, usually when the machine is running, it will automatically start heating, if it is operated simultaneously with the packaging material, then the heat must not be able to reach the sealing in time Heat, then, we can let the machine run for a period of time before packaging the material, let its temperature reach us and then package the product to be packaged, so that the packaging effect is the best. This is what we often call 'warm-up'. The machine is warmed up before packaging. This is very important for packaging processing. It can reduce a lot of unnecessary situations, save trouble and reduce film waste. Therefore, when packaging in winter, let the machine warm up to generate heat to fill up the low temperature in winter, so that the packaging effect is the best.
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