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What is the difference between textured vacuum bags and general vacuum bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-02
Recently, many customers have inquired about textured vacuum bags, and the unit price of textured vacuum bags is higher than that of ordinary vacuum bags. Why do many people still use textured vacuum bags? What is the difference between textured vacuum bags and general vacuum bags? The following professional flexible packaging manufacturers will analyze the packaging. 1. The material process of textured vacuum bag and general vacuum bag is first. Textured vacuum bag, that is, one side is colorless and transparent, and the other side is textured, which is co-extruded by seven layers of PA and PE. The general vacuum bag is CPP or PA compound PE. In terms of thickness, the former is more than 9 filaments in a single layer, and the latter is slightly thinner. Second, the advantages of textured vacuum bags 1. Single-sided texture, forming many micro-channels, making vacuuming without dead ends. 2.7 layers co-extrusion, no glue compounding. Although many manufacturers say that glue is non-toxic, many manufacturers are impetuous and eager for quick success. Only by cutting corners on raw materials, it is difficult to ensure the quality of glue. During the cooking process, the glue in the vacuum bag is usually boiled out, and it is unknown whether it is toxic or not. So relatively speaking, textured bags are more hygienic. 3. The texture bag is not printed, and there will be no pollution from ink and chemical solvents. 3. Textured vacuum bags will surpass general vacuum bags in the future. The market for textured vacuum bags is not very large now, but as people's awareness of food hygiene gradually improves, and the supervision of food and its packaging is becoming more and more strict, textured vacuum bags will definitely Hot selling! The packaging believes that in the future, the vacuum packaging that directly touches the food, especially the cooking bag, should be mainly a single-layer co-extrusion bag without printing. If a pattern is required, an additional bag with fine printing should be set. The outer bag can be a series of exquisite packaging bags such as stand-up bags, eight-side sealing bags, etc.
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