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What is the reason for the bag expansion (loss of vacuum) during the placement process after packaging!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-05
Plastic bags have been focusing on making packaging plastic bags for 18 years, continuously improving their own business strength, and focusing on providing users with the most complete solutions. Today, plastic bags will share with you what is the expansion of the vacuumed bag after packaging. The reason, I believe that providing today’s explanation will definitely help you solve the problem and strictly prevent such situations from happening. (Of course, the previous question is that you have to choose high-quality packaging bags) 1. Phenomenon After the packaged bag is placed for two weeks, the number of air pockets in the package increases significantly, and the degree of vacuum decreases significantly. 2. Reasons If bag swelling is a common phenomenon, the possible reasons are as follows: ①The barrier property of bagging is insufficient; ②After vacuum packaging, gas producing bacteria are working. ③ Incomplete sterilization. Through a simple comparative test, it can be judged whether the barrier property of the packaging bag itself is not good! For example, if rice is placed for a period of time (two weeks), the vacuum remains good, indicating that the barrier property of the packaging material is not the leading factor for bag swelling. Experiments show that when the oxygen concentration in the packaging bag is less than or equal to 1%, the growth and reproduction speed of microorganisms will drop sharply; if the oxygen concentration is less than or equal to 0.5%, most microorganisms will be inhibited and stop reproducing. (Note: Vacuum packaging cannot inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria and the deterioration and discoloration of food caused by enzyme reactions, so it needs to be combined with other auxiliary methods, such as refrigeration, quick freezing, dehydration, high temperature sterilization, irradiation sterilization, microwave sterilization, salt The aseptic effect can be achieved by pickling etc.). Incomplete sterilization often leads to excessive microorganisms. The reasons are mainly manifested in two aspects. One is that the sterilization process is unreasonable, and the temperature and time of the sterilization are biased; the other is that the quality is unstable due to improper operation or operating errors. Reasons for food sterilization deviation: ① Deviation caused by equipment and instrumentation: the sterilization pot is not installed in accordance with the technical requirements, the heat distribution is uneven, the piping system is leaking, steam, air or blocked, the pot door or the pot body leaks, and the pot body Insufficient insulation layer, resulting in uneven temperature steam, compressed air, tap water, etc. below the use standard; mercury thermometer damage or inaccurate display, automatic temperature recorder failure or pointer arc does not mesh with the recording paper, or the displayed temperature fluctuation range Exceeding the mercury thermometer; ②The deviation caused by the product composition: the initial sterilization temperature is lower than the process requirements, the maximum canning volume exceeds the specified, the product PH value exceeds the specified range, the production line or the formula, the change of the cage method, and the canned overlap arrangement Or improper use of the backing plate exceeds the highest water activity; ③Operational errors: the retention time from can sealing to sterilization exceeds the process regulations, which increases the number of primary bacteria; the exhaust operation fails to meet the requirements of the process regulations for temperature and time at the same time; The sterilization temperature and time are below the allowable range of the process. I will give you an example. It is also a customer who cooks boiled food (a bit like fern, celery, bamboo shoots, carrots, mushrooms), with a pH of 4.2-4.4. Phenomenon: The solids of the product are moldy, and the contents are softened by touching gently with your hands. Shaking will change to the appearance of the puree of the fruit juice, but there is no phenomenon of growing vegetable bags. Sampling and analysis found that there are a lot of molds, and this mold will be killed as long as it is heated to above 70 degrees. Causes of excessive microorganisms and incomplete sterilization: ① On-site management, such as the storage time of raw materials after selection is too long, and the running water rinsing is very random. Between the upper process and the next process, the time between exposure to the air is too long; ②The engineering time of some products is long, and exposure to the air may cause bacteria to grow; ③The sterilizer operates at will, and there is no timely sterilization. Phenomenon (Some products have too long a time interval from vacuum packaging to sterilization. For products that are not sterilized at room temperature, such as 30 degrees exposure for too long, it may cause incomplete sterilization; there is a phenomenon of shortening the sterilization time. Passed the above The case analysis of, I believe it will be helpful to food users and friends, and I hope that everyone will have the opportunity to choose and cooperate, which will definitely make you gain! Warmly welcome your calls, if you want to know more about vacuum packaging bags You can also click the link to view directly:
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