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What is the reason for the poor transparency of the composite packaging bag? Check out the mystery!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-30
Some composite packaging bags have high requirements for transparency, but in the composite processing of plastic films, the packaging bags often have problems such as poor transparency. So, what is the reason that affects the transparency of the composite packaging bag? Today, professional flexible packaging manufacturers combine their own experience to interpret the reasons for the poor transparency of composite packaging bags and the solutions. 1. Improper selection of adhesives​ If the adhesive itself has a dark color or lack of fluidity, the leveling performance is poor, and it cannot be fully spread on the composite base film. Generally, the higher the solid content of the main glue, the better the fluidity, which is conducive to spreading on the film. In general, 75% glue is better than 50% clear, and 50% glue is better than 40% or 35% glue. For the film with high transparency requirements, it is difficult to achieve the requirements by using 50% and 40% glue. Second, the problem in the process is that the temperature of the drying tunnel of the compound machine is too high, and the surface layer of the glue is too monotonous and fast. , the solvent under the film will vaporize, when the gas breaks the skin film to form a ring like a volcano vent, which also makes the film not transparent. Secondly, it is assumed that the fitting roller or scraper has shortcomings. If a certain point is not pressed tightly, it will form a neutral position, and it will also cause the film after fitting to be opaque. There is too much dust in the air involved in the working environment, and there is also dust in the hot air sucked into the drying tunnel after gluing. Treatment method: close the glued part of the compound machine, and use a high-mesh filter at the air inlet of the drying tunnel to block the suction of dust (that is, to clear the dust in the hot air of the drying tunnel). In addition, if there is no rubber spreading roller or the rubber spreading roller is not clean, the composite film will not be transparent, or the amount of composite glue will be insufficient, the glue application will be uneven, there will be blank spaces, and there will be small air bubbles, resulting in mottled or opaque. Treatment method: Check and adjust the amount of glue, make it on the foot and spread evenly, forming a commonly known as“hemp mask“. 3. Other problems should be noted that the temperature of the composite hot drum is not good, the hot-melt part of the glue cannot be melted, the temperature of the cooling roller is too high, and the lack of sudden cooling can cause poor transparency of the matching film. Treatment method: the temperature of the hot drum should not be lower than 70 degrees, and the hot-melt part in the colloid will start to melt when the temperature reaches 65 degrees. The cooling roller should be cooled by cooling water or chilled water circulation. The faster the cooling speed, the better the transparency, the better the flatness of the composite film and the better the robustness.
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