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What is the reason why aluminum foil bags are not easy to seal?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-24
The edge sealing problem of the aluminum foil bag, the temperature of the hot knife is high, the sealing edge is wrinkled, and the temperature is low and it cannot be sealed. The pressure has been debugged, and the silicone pads and raw materials have also been changed, but it still cannot be solved. What can I do? A: Consider from two aspects, one is that the edge is wrinkled, and the other is that it cannot be sealed. For edge sealing wrinkling, the reasons are usually: 1. Too much residual solvent in glue and ink, food packaging bags gather and volatilize during the process of sealing and ironing, resulting in bubbles and wrinkling; The material is wrinkled after high temperature sealing; 3. The glue and ink are not heat-resistant enough; 4. It is the parallelism of the heat sealing knife of the bag making machine. The hardness and flatness of the silicone do not meet the heat sealing requirements. foreign bodies, etc. For problems that cannot be sealed, the reasons are usually: 1. The temperature of the heat sealing knife is too low and the pressure is too small. 2. The quality of the heat-sealing material of the vacuum packaging bag is too high, or the heat-sealing performance is unstable.
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