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What is the thickness of the plastic packaging bag, do you know?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-06
Plastic packaging bags are a thing that we often use in our daily life, and its quality has an impact on our lives. Therefore, in the process of purchasing plastic packaging bags, many friends often have requirements on the thickness of them in order to ensure the quality of the products. So how thick is the conventional plastic packaging bag? Let me introduce to you: Conventional plastic packaging bag thickness: 1. Ordinary thin bag: The total thickness of the double-layer bag wall is less than 5 wires, commonly known as"Thin". 2. Medium-thick bag: the total thickness of the double-layer bag wall is 6 wires—Between 10 wires"medium thickness". 3. Thickened bag: The total thickness of the double-layer bag wall is 10—19 wire for"thicken". 4. Extra-thick bag: the total thickness of the double-layer bag wall is more than 20 silk."extra thick". Packing instructions: All bags are uniformly packed with two layers of waterproof woven bags. Silk refers to the measurement unit silk meter (dmm) for calculating the thickness of plastic packaging bags. Unit length conversion formula: 1 millimeter (mm) = 10 silk meters (dmm) = 100 meters (cmm, also called“Silk”) = 1000 microns. For example, the country stipulates that the thickness of plastic bags in supermarkets is not less than 0.025 mm, which is not less than 0.25 silk meters / 2.5 meters. However, the national plastic restriction order stipulates that plastic shopping bags must reach 0.025mm (single-layer film), above this thickness is called environmentally friendly shopping bags, and below this thickness is called environmental protection shopping bags.“thin bag”or“Ultra thin bag”. In fact, the thickness of plastic bags can be customized, from 0.0075mm to 0.15mm. The size of plastic bags can also be customized, according to user needs, there is no fixed size. In summary, it can be seen that plastic packaging bags do not actually have a qualitative thickness, which is mainly measured by the weight of the loaded goods and the needs of each person.
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