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What is UV printing of color packaging bags and what is the UV effect?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-19
UV printing is a printing process in which the UV light is monotonous and the ink is cured. It is necessary to match the ink containing a photosensitizer with a UV curing lamp. The use of UV printing is one of the most important contents of color packaging bag printing. Professional flexible packaging manufacturers believe that in the flexible packaging industry, local UV printing is widely used, and UV printing is used in packaging bags in clothing, apparel, cosmetics, hardware, electronics, food and other industries. Partial UV refers to local glazing coating on the prominent parts of trademarks and packaging prints according to the needs of product glazing. Compared with the surrounding patterns, the glazing pattern is bright, bright, and has a strong three-dimensional effect, which can produce a unique artistic effect. ​Partial UV varnishing is a type of printing surface finishing technology. It is named after the selection of UV varnish with high brightness, transparency and wear resistance for selective glazing of printed graphics. While highlighting the theme of the layout, it also improves the effect of printing surface decoration. Partial UV is mainly used in the post-press finishing of packaging products to achieve the purpose of making the printed products icing on the cake. The difference between full-page UV and partial UV effects: 1. The effect of full-page UV and full-page UV is not very significant. It looks similar to overvarnish in appearance, and is brighter than overvarnish, but it does not protect the appearance of printed matter. Effect. Over varnish has a certain protective effect on the appearance of the printed matter, such as avoiding scratches. 2. Part of the UV-over-UV process is truly reflected in part of the UV. For example, the cover of the album, the color box, in order to highlight the key words, company LOGO, product pictures and other parts, often use some UV. The text and pictures after UV processing are more textured, more three-dimensional, and more artistic. 20 years of experience in packaging, specializing in flexible packaging operations, with rich experience in UV printing, the UV effect is remarkable and exquisite. At the same time, packaging is a high-tech enterprise integrating research, design and production. The company is committed to continuing to provide innovative plastic bag products for clothing, food, chemicals, home gifts, electronics and other industries, gathering advanced processing and manufacturing concepts in the industry, listening to customer needs, providing customers with high-quality plastic bag solutions, and satisfying customer needs , to achieve a win-win value.
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