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What kind of plastic bags are environmentally friendly?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-11-08
As the problem of environmental pollution becomes more and more serious, our awareness of environmental protection is also increasing. Among them, the problem of plastic waste pollution is a more prominent one in the process of urban development. Therefore, in order to better solve the problem of white plastic pollution, more and more people have begun to use environmentally friendly plastic bags. So what kind of plastic bags are environmentally friendly? The following editor will introduce to you: In general, environmentally friendly plastic bags refer to various types of biodegradable plastic bags. 1. The plastic bags that meet the national standard GB/T21661-2008 are called environmentally friendly plastic bags, which include recycled plastic bags and new plastic bags. Plastic bags with degradable masterbatch added in the process of producing plastic bags are called degradable plastic bags. The degradable plastic bags can be automatically decomposed after 90 days under certain conditions. Bags made of plastic film are collectively referred to as plastic bags. 2. A plastic bag that can be quickly melted when exposed to sunlight and wet. Tested by the Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, all product indicators meet or exceed the national quality standards, and have the characteristics of sanitation, non-toxicity, and pollution-free. This degradable plastic bag uses non-toxic polyolefin resin and adds degradants Raw material production. It is one of the most advanced environmentally friendly products in China. 3. Plastic bags that can be recycled after use. As for what kind of plastic bags are environmentally friendly, today I will introduce you here. Generally speaking, there are no completely environmentally friendly plastic bags, but some plastic bags are easily degraded after adding other ingredients. That is, degradable plastic. Adding a certain amount of additives (such as starch, modified starch or other cellulose, photosensitizers, biodegradants, etc.) in the production of plastic packaging products reduces the stability of plastic packaging and is easier to degrade in the natural environment.
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