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What kinds of plastic bags are there? How much for one?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-14
What kinds of plastic bags are there? How much for one? There are many scenes in life that need to use plastic bags, so how much is a general plastic bag? What kinds of plastic bags are there? Generally speaking, there is no fixed price for custom plastic bags. Many manufacturers produce custom-made products, and only a few manufacturers specialize in the production of standard products, such as plastic bags that specialize in the production of garbage bags, continuous roll bags and wholesale vest bags. Manufacturer. Therefore, the price of the plastic bag is not fixed, but the price is calculated according to the needs of the customer, and it is also related to the style of the plastic bag selected by the customer. Let's explain the styles of the plastic bag. Types of plastic bags . Plastic handbags are usually made of PE material or PO material, PE material is soft, and PO material is stiff. The use of plastic tote bags is very extensive, and it is very suitable for company promotion or shop shopping bags. Plastic hand-held tote bags: 2 Plastic stapled bags Plastic stapled bags were all the rage more than a decade ago, but with the increase in labor costs, this style of plastic bags has become less and less cost-effective, and many packaging bag buyers have turned to For choosing a paper tote bag. The advantage of this type of handbag is that its handle is made of plastic soft rubber tube, which is more comfortable to carry, and the color can also be selected and designed, and the appearance will be more beautiful. Plastic stapling bags: 3 Plastic rope carry bags Plastic rope carry bags have gradually faded out of the market and have been replaced by more cost-effective and more beautiful paper tote bags and PP sheet tote bags. The plastic threading tote bag requires relatively high labor costs, but it is also stronger, can withstand heavier weight, and is more beautiful than the plastic hand-held tote bag. Threaded plastic tote bag: END professional custom packaging bag plastic bag/non-woven bag PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan QR code for consultation
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