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What material is used for vacuum packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-07
At present, the common vacuum packaging bag materials are generally selected: PA+PE, PET+PE, MOPE, PVC, etc. Now the best material should be nylon+polyethylene (PA+PE), and the vacuum compression bag of PA+PE has It is made of a new type of plastic compounded by nylon and plastic. This material is the premise to ensure no air leakage. It has good flexibility and durability. It does not change its properties when exposed to low temperatures. However, because of the relatively high cost, domestic manufacturers rarely use this material. PA+PE can burn slowly during the combustion test, the flame is bright, the bottom is blue, and the top is yellow. After melting and dripping, it continues to burn. The smokeless molten dripping has the smell of candle blowing out and burning wool. Generally: PA/PE or PA/RCPP, PET/PE or PET/RCPP also has three or four layers, in order to increase the texture properties of the material: PET/PA/PEPET/AL/RCPPPA/AL/RCPPPET/PA/ AL/ The other RCPP is PET+PE material. PET is commonly known as polyester polyester. The vacuum compression bag made of PET+PE is not soft enough, especially if it becomes hard and easy to break at low temperature, it is best for friends in the north not to use the vacuum compression bag of this material.
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