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What needs should be met by the packaging bags of seasonings

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-24
1. Barrier The ability to block oxygen in the environment is verified by an oxygen overdosing test. If the oxygen dosing in the packaging bag is too large (that is, the barrier is poor), it will easily lead to the protein, fat and other ingredients in the sauce and bone broth. It is oxidized, causing bacteria to multiply, and quality problems such as mildew and bag swelling appear. 2. Physical and mechanical properties. The uniformity of thickness-to verify the thickness of the packaging bag. The uniformity of the thickness is the basis for ensuring good performance of the packaging bag. Flexibility-through the joint verification of tensile and elongation, elastic modulus, and pendulum impact energy tests, to prevent the packaging bag from being difficult to withstand the pressure inside the bag due to its brittleness, and then causing problems such as bag breakage. Grease resistance-through the comparison of the peel strength, tensile, elongation and elastic modulus tests of the unpackaged seasoning packaging bag and the packed seasoning packaging bag, to prevent the composite packaging bag from appearing in the composite film due to the grease intolerance The composite fastness between the various layers of the film decreases, and even problems such as delamination of the packaging bag and decreased barrier properties occur. Smoothness-verified by the friction coefficient test to prevent the poor high temperature resistance of the packaging bag during the overall retorting and sterilization of the finished packaging bag, which may cause problems such as delamination, shrinkage, and bag breakage of the packaging bag after retorting and sterilization. Pressure resistance-verified by pressure resistance test to prevent the finished packaging bag from breaking due to external pressure. 3. Hygiene performance. Organic solvent residues—verified by solvent residue test. If the solvent residues are too much, the packaging bags will have peculiar smell, and the residual solvents are more likely to migrate into the seasonings under high temperature environment, which will cause peculiar smells and affect them. Consumer health.
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