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What's the matter with food packaging bulge bags in packaging processing plants

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-06
The swelling of food packaging processed products is mainly caused by the gas production of certain microorganisms in the packaging bag. Vacuum packaging is different from aseptic packaging. If the sterilization is not complete after vacuum sealing, some microorganisms, especially anaerobic microorganisms, can also grow and multiply, produce gas and cause swelling. Food packaging must not be eaten after the bag is expanded.  In some foods that are packaged in packaging bags, we may also experience bag bulging and bulging. During the packaging material printing process, the packaging factory will also indicate on the packaging bag that if the bag bulges, please do not eat it.  Many cooked foods are packaged in vacuum, which can cut off the contact between the food and the outside air and resist the growth and reproduction of bacteria. However, vacuum-packaged food often needs to be refrigerated. There are three main reasons: one is that the food itself may contain bacteria before packaging; the other is that the air in the package may not be cleaned, and a small amount of air will provide conditions for bacteria to multiply; Some meat foods in vacuum packaging are more suitable for bacterial growth due to rich nutrition and water content, while low-temperature refrigeration can well inhibit bacterial growth.   With the accelerated development of disinfection and preservation technology, some foods that are not suitable for long-term preservation can now be preserved for a longer period of time. Brings convenience to daily life. However, vacuum packaging bags are not absolutely safe. On the one hand, vacuum food packaging may provide a living environment for some anaerobic bacteria. Once anaerobic bacteria breed in vacuum-packaged food, it may cause food poisoning. It can also multiply at low temperatures, causing the food put in the refrigerator to spoil. On the other hand, the shelf life of general vacuum-packaged meat food at room temperature is about 20 days, so even vacuum-packaged food should be eaten as soon as possible.
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