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What should be paid attention to before flexible packaging printing

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-26
There are many noteworthy details in the pre-press design process of flexible packaging. The packaging will focus on the following points. 1. Small words and lines (1) Small words and lines should be designed in single color to avoid inaccurate multi-color overprinting. (2) The width of thin lines should not be less than 0.1mm, otherwise it is easy to lose or unclear strokes in printing. (3) The net height of Chinese fonts is not less than 1.8mm, and the net height of English fonts is not less than 1.5mm. (4) Special attention should be paid to the design of anti-white text. If the text is small, especially when the strokes are thin, monochrome should be used. Attention should also be paid to the selection of fonts. Round-headed, bold, and isoline fonts are the best choices. However, fonts whose strokes are too different, such as Song-style and Old Song-style (horizontal, thin, vertical, and thick), should be used with caution. When designing, such as If this type of font is used, it should be noted that the net height of Chinese fonts is not less than 2.5mm, and the net height of English fonts is not less than 2mm. 2. Transition net (1) If you want to print reverse white text on the transition net, the transition net should be designed as a spot color to avoid overprinting inaccuracy. (2) When the dot area ratio of the transition net is less than 30%, use the reverse white characters with caution. (3) For the transition net designed with certain colors (such as black, dark green, dark purple, etc.), when the dot area ratio reaches 70% to 85%, it is difficult to obtain a smooth and bright transition effect, and serious problems often occur. Water-striped spots. 3. Large-area color blocks (1) When screening large-area color blocks, the range of 70% to 85% should be avoided, otherwise irregular dirty spots will appear. (2) When the dot area ratio is below 10%, it is easy to cause dot loss during the printing process. (3) If you want to print anti-white text and lines on a large area of ​​​​color blocks, pay attention that the color blocks should not use colors with high brightness, such as light yellow, light orange, etc., otherwise the text and lines will not be easy to read. 4. In the design process of seamless connection of continuous patterns, the problem of continuous patterns is sometimes encountered. When dealing with such problems, many people use partial transparency effects (that is, no patterns are printed on the film) to compensate for the lack of cutting. standard, or use a color block of the same color on the edge of the bag. In fact, this is not bad, but sometimes it destroys the continuity of the pattern and lacks aesthetics. The design and production of continuous patterns should take into account the size, shape, continuity and other factors of the pattern. Only when the pattern is selected appropriately can a better effect be obtained. When imposing, the seamless connection between patterns is guaranteed, and the continuity of the overall pattern is not affected when cutting. 5. The use of transparent ink The covering power of transparent ink is very low and the transparency is extremely high. The film printed with transparent ink generally needs to be compounded with aluminized film, so that the metallic luster of the aluminized film and the luster of the ink are combined with each other to reflect brighter colors, and from different angles, the hue will have obvious changes. Observed under different light sources, the difference will be greater, and it has a good shelf display effect. 6. The problem of increasing the front pattern In many design cases, the problem of increasing the front pattern is involved. For example, the pattern and color of the front and back of the back seal bag are often different. The pattern is enlarged to the back to avoid the back pattern appearing on the front of the packaging bag when there is a deviation during the bag making process, which affects the integrity of the main view (front) pattern. 7. The arrangement of the color sequence If the gravure printing process is used, the color sequence should be from dark to light, and the color sequence of the surface printing is just the opposite. In the case of spot colors, the color sequence of the spot colors should be determined according to the brightness of the spot colors, so as to improve the overprinting accuracy of the overall pattern.
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