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What should I do if I encounter problems when using vacuum bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-17
The use of vacuum packaging bags to package food can prolong the shelf life of the product, maintain the original taste of the food, and prevent the food from spoiling and becoming moldy. Be careful and careful. Usually, in the process of using vacuum packaging bags, there will be various problems such as packaging air leakage, color separation, and packaging bursting when the container is used to remove the gas in the packaging. If you have such problems during use, you have chosen substandard products. , so why do these problems occur? 1. Air leakage from packaging: it may be caused by scratches or punctures by unknown objects during use; 2. Color shedding: we all know that vacuum packaging bags are plastic composite films, which are made of a printed film. It is bonded with one or two or more films of other materials through an environmentally friendly volume. If the phenomenon of color shedding occurs, it is most likely because the solvent used in the composite process is too small, and the bonding is not strong. 3. It is easy to break during packaging: this phenomenon is the problem of wrong choice of packaging raw materials or the use of inferior and substandard low-quality materials. Serious quality problems have brought serious losses to manufacturers, and this phenomenon is also common. In addition, the manufacturer communicates with the manufacturer when customizing the packaging, and chooses low-quality materials that are not suitable for their own products. The choice of vacuum packaging bags is a very important issue. It is not like ordinary food packaging bags that can be used if they are not qualified. The big deal is to change the raw materials next time, because he/she needs high temperature sterilization. Errors will cause the loss of the whole and one piece. When manufacturers choose vacuum packaging bags, they must choose regular manufacturers in order to purchase qualified packaging products.
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