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What size do you need to measure for a custom plastic bag? How to measure?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-23
What size do you need to measure for a custom plastic bag? How to measure? What size do you need to measure for a custom plastic bag? How should it be measured? When customizing plastic packaging bags, it is necessary to provide the plastic bag manufacturer with the size of the plastic bag. So when there are samples, which sizes should be measured? How should it be measured? First of all, the basic dimensions of the packaging bag should be measured: width (opening), length, side. Opening width, bag length, bag side thickness, these three data are the basic data of packaging bags, of course, only these are not enough. Secondly, it is necessary to measure the thickness of the packaging bag, generally the thickness of the single layer of the packaging bag. To measure the thickness, a thickness gauge should be used. Generally, if there is no thickness gauge, the thickness can only be calculated by the load-bearing combined with the size of the product. Finally, some of the packaging bags have some detailed dimensions that also need to be measured, such as the distance between the printed pattern and the edge. Introduction to the thickness measurement method of plastic bags 1. Use a film thickness gauge to measure paper and plastic film items. There are special thickness gauges. The thickness of the plastic bag can be measured by using the thickness gauge. Generally, the thickness of the plastic bag is 2.5 filaments. Between 15 wires, that is, 0.025mm-0.15mm. Because the country issued a plastic restriction order in 2008, the national plastic restriction order stipulated that the plastic shopping bag should reach 0.025 (single-layer film), above this thickness is called environmental protection shopping bag, below this thickness is called“thin bag”or“Ultra thin bag”. In fact, the thickness of plastic bags can be customized, from 0.0075mm to 0.15mm. The size of plastic bags can also be customized, according to user needs, there is no fixed size. According to the width, the plastic bag for chopsticks is only two centimeters wide, and the widest plastic bag can reach 2000mm, which is large enough. Plastic film thickness gauge: 2 Fuzzy estimation after weighing calculation If there is no film thickness gauge at hand, to obtain the thickness data of plastic packaging bags, the load-bearing method can be used. It is to measure the weight of the plastic bag with an electronic scale with an accuracy of at least 0.01g, and then calculate the thickness of the plastic bag through the dimensional data. The formula for calculating the weight of plastic bags is as follows: plastic bag weight = length×(width + side)×2×Material density×Therefore, the calculation formula for the thickness of the plastic bag can be obtained as follows: plastic bag thickness = plastic bag weight / (length×(width + side)×2×Material density), but the thickness of the plastic bag can only be vaguely estimated by the formula calculation, and there will generally be an error of 0.01mm-0.02mm, because the weight of the printing ink of the plastic bag and the control of the dimensional accuracy during production will affect the final calculated result. Therefore, it is generally more accurate to use a thickness gauge to measure. Thickness measurement of plastic bags: Content extension 1 How to find an experienced old manufacturer? When you search for keywords on Baidu or Alibaba to find plastic bag manufacturers, how do you filter out experienced and old manufacturers? Here is a method: you can copy the name of the manufacturer to Tianyancha or Qichacha to check the manufacturer's information, and you can see the registered capital and age. The following is an example 2. As a plastic bag manufacturer, what are the advantages? As a packaging bag manufacturer with 20 years of experience, the factory is located in Jihua Street, Longgang District. It is a one-stop packaging bag manufacturer, producing plastic bags and non-woven bags. Film blowing, printing, and bag making are all under our own control, with stable quality. Fast delivery. It has a wide range of business and can produce products including plastic tote bags, flat pockets, zipper bags, self-adhesive bags, express bags, non-woven bags and other products, and has many years of cooperation with many local brands in Shenzhen. END professional custom packaging bag plastic bag/non-woven bag PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan QR code for consultation
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