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What to consider when designing the bag type of aluminum foil bag

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-27
Generally, when designing a new aluminum foil bag packaging shape, many aspects must be considered. The corresponding structural design should be carried out according to the nature of the product and the packaging requirements of the enterprise, mainly from whether it is convenient for transportation and storage, whether it is convenient for display and sales, and whether it is easy to use. Consider several angles. 1. Considering whether it is convenient for transportation and storage, the convenience of transportation and storage of aluminum foil bags as soft plastic packaging is one of the main differences compared with traditional packaging. The aluminum foil bag should be designed to be compact so that it protects the product during stacking, handling and shipping. 2. For packaged products, the most important point in marketing is product display. After the packaging structure is designed, the aluminum foil bag can express the characteristics of the product, which is convenient for consumers to identify the product and accurately select the desired product. attract consumers. 3. Aluminum foil bag manufacturers should also consider whether the aluminum foil bag products produced are convenient for consumers to use. For example, by adding a zipper design, it can be convenient for consumers to reuse the aluminum foil bag many times; by adding a suction nozzle design, it can also make Consumers can easily access the packaging without destroying the foil bag. In addition to the above points, aluminum foil bags should also take into account the appearance quality and design, and try to be beautiful, innovative and diverse.
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