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What to do if the tea packaging bag has a peculiar smell

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-24
China has a long history of tea-making technology, and most of the tea-making technology in the world is passed on from China. There are many kinds of Chinese tea, and it is rich in nutrients. It has very good health effects and is loved by people. Owning a good tea packaging bag is what every tea manufacturer yearns for. The problem of tea packaging bags that users have been concerned about is the peculiar smell of tea packaging bags. Today, I will help you solve your doubts. The peculiar smell of the tea packaging bag we refer to is the undesirable taste in the tea packaging bag or tea packaging, which can be roughly divided into three situations: 1. The smell can be smelled when the packaging bag is opened. 2. After rushing into the air, the extruded air smells. 3. There will be peculiar smell in the tea after the tea has been packed for a period of time. Regarding the peculiar smell of tea packaging bags, there are three main sources of this peculiar smell: firstly, it is due to the taste of the resin itself or various additives; it may also be the taste produced by the film during processing, or it may be due to the processing of the tea packaging bag. The taste that comes out at the time of storage is probably the taste produced during storage. The taste of tea packaging bags during processing is generally due to the residual taste of solvents, inks, adhesives, etc. Regarding the industrial taste of the tea packaging bag when it is stored, it is necessary to pay attention to temperature and environmental control during the transportation and storage of the resin. Regarding the taste that can be smelled after opening the tea packaging bag, the problem of deterioration of the tea leaves is generally caused by the taste of the tea packaging bag itself. For the problem of the peculiar smell of the packaging bag material, it is necessary to make a distinction. First, the packaging bag must be taken to a ventilated place to eliminate other factors such as solvent residues, and then the cause can be found from the perspective of the packaging bag material. To find the reason from the direction of removing the residual solvent, we used a gas chromatograph to detect the residual solvent. When the printing residue does not reach a peak, the human nose is difficult to smell, you can find out the cause of the peculiar smell is not caused by the printing compound, which has to look for the cause from the material of the packaging bag.
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