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What types of plastic bags are there?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-10
What types of plastic bags are there? We will use all kinds of plastic packaging bags in life, especially clothing brands, so what types of plastic bags are there? There are many types of packaging bags used in clothing plastic bags, including 1. Self-adhesive bags 2. Zipper bags 3. Handbags 4. Flat pockets 5. The materials used in self-sealing bags are even more diverse, such as PE, PO, PP, OPP, PPE, CPE, etc. include some characteristics of commonly used plastic bag types in this article. Type 1 Self-adhesive bags Self-adhesive bags are similar to flat bags, except that a sealing strip is added. Self-adhesive bags are mainly used for inventory packaging of clothing, packaging of gifts, packaging of small commodities, etc. Some self-adhesive bags will have a punched clip on the top, which is mainly used for hanging on the shelf for easy sales and visits. There are two printing methods for self-adhesive bags, one is inner printing and the other is surface printing. Different printing methods are used according to the needs of use. If the ink is not expected to fall off and adhere to the product, the surface printing process is mostly used. If the printing surface is large or the surface is desired to be smooth and translucent, the inner printing method is mostly used, because the self-adhesive bag The adhesion of the adhesive on the printing surface is very poor, and it will not be affected unless it is printed on the inside. Generally, there is an adhesive sticker on the mouth of the self-adhesive bag. When using it, tear off a small piece of plastic paper on it, and then the self-adhesive bag can be sealed. Generally, it is a one-time use, so many e-commerce clothing brands have given up Use self-adhesive bags as packaging bags for garments. Self-adhesive bag case: 2 The reason for the wide range of zipper bags is the rapid development of e-commerce. However, ordinary PP self-adhesive bags are always not glued well when customers return them, so the bags cannot be used, and they are easy to get dusty during transportation. According to data, the return rate of Taobao stores in the clothing category can even reach 40%, so plastic zipper bags are gradually being widely used by clothing brands. Now plastic zipper bags also use two materials at the same time. Some brands choose to use CPE frosted material on one side, and PE transparent material on the other side. After the product is put in, the frosted material is used as the background to better set off the product. of sophistication and high-end. Most plastic zipper bags use copperplate printing as the printing method, because offset printing is prone to uneven ink coloring due to the softness of the printing plate. Therefore, for aesthetic reasons, many people choose to use copperplate printing. Of course, some brands use copperplate printing to reduce The cost, using offset printing, is also possible. Zipper bag case: 3 handbags plastic handbags, usually plastic handbags are divided into four types: bottom and side, bottom but no side, no bottom and no side, and no bottom and side. Most customers choose side styles after considering beauty and practicability. One reason is that the styles with sides are more three-dimensional and more beautiful, and the bag can stand upright and will not fall down when placed on the ground. At the same time, patterns, logos or QR codes can also be printed on the side, which increases the chance of others being noticed. The production process of plastic tote bags is more complicated than other plastic bag styles. After printing, the two sides need to be folded out by a folding organ machine, and then some styles need to be artificially bottomed, and the bottom of the bag needs to be folded with a machine. It was sealed, and finally, the two handbags were fixed to the mouth of the bag with a machine. Although it is a plastic bag, this style close to the paper bag requires 3 manual processes, so the cost is much more expensive than other styles, so many people use the bottom and no side integrated style to save costs. Case of handbags: 4 flat pockets The flat pockets are only made of PO and PE materials. The application range of flat pockets is wider than other styles, and can basically cover all walks of life. Flat pockets are also divided into bottoms with sides, bottoms without sides, bottoms without sides, and bottoms with sides. In fact, generally flat pockets are similar to handbags, but flat pockets are punched and handbags are It is in the form of an additional carry, and most customers of flat pockets choose bottomless and sideless models. There is also a non-perforated flat pocket. This type of plastic flat pocket is mainly made of CPE material or PP and OPP material. It is mainly used for packaging some electronic products or brochures, small gifts and other items. Generally speaking, the size Not very big. 5 Ziplock bags Ziplock bags, the most used industry is the hardware industry, and many screws and parts are packaged in small ziplock bags. Common self-sealing bags are made of PE, EVA, etc., and there are also composite bags of multi-layer materials, which are usually used for the packaging of electronic components of electronic products, and anti-static masterbatch is usually added to the material. There are usually two production processes for self-sealing bags. One is that the zipper is blown out together with the bag itself when the film is blown. This production process is basically one-time forming, with low cost, and is also the main production method of self-sealing bags. Another process is to attach the zipper to the bag when making the bag, which is usually used for composite seal bags. The more high-end product words are made of EVA material.Self-sealing bags of this material cannot be produced on a bag making machine, and can only be formed by hand with high-frequency machines and molds. Therefore, although the finished products of this kind of self-sealing bags are very beautiful, the production cost is relatively high. Generally, this kind of bag is used for high-end packaging. underwear. Self-sealing bag case: END professional custom packaging bag plastic bag/non-woven bag PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan QR code for consultation
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