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What types of sealed packaging bags are there? Can it be customized?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-21
What types of sealed packaging bags are there? Can it be customized? If you need to customize sealed packaging bags, you first need to understand what types of sealed packaging bags are divided into. 1. Plastic self-adhesive bags (sealing with adhesive tapes) The sealing method used in plastic self-adhesive bags is to use adhesive tapes. The advantages of this sealing method are that the cost is low and the sealing is simple. However, the disadvantages are also very obvious, that is, the reuse rate is low, the package is easy to be damaged after unpacking, and the adhesive seals are easy to stick to each other. Plastic self-adhesive bag: 2. Plastic zipper bag (use zipper for sealing) The plastic zipper bag is sealed with a plastic zipper. The advantage is that it can be reused many times. It is very convenient to open and close. Bags are very suitable for the current clothing e-commerce industry. Of course, the shortcomings of plastic zipper bags are also very obvious. This kind of sealed packaging bag cannot be completely sealed, so it cannot be used for preservation or water and oxygen insulation. Plastic zipper bag: 3. Plastic ziplock bag (zipper is used for sealing) Plastic ziplock bag is sealed with a zipper, which is often used for packaging of various hardware and food. The biggest advantage is that it can effectively isolate oxygen and water, so that the contents can be stored for a long time and not easy to deteriorate. The disadvantage is that it is not as convenient as a zipper bag when it is closed, and it needs to be aligned with the position of the two clips and then squeezed slowly. Plastic ziplock bag: how to customize the sealing bag? 1. The first step: Consult the packaging bag manufacturer registered in 1999. It is a plastic packaging bag manufacturer with more than 20 years of production experience. If you need to customize the sealed packaging bag, we have the following three methods for you to choose for consultation. 1. For online consultation, you only need to click the consultation box on the right to use the online consultation function. We have professional staff to answer your doubts. 2. Telephone consultation You can call 0755-8111-2999 or 18926799128 for telephone consultation, we have professional staff to answer your doubts. 3. WeChat consultation You can scan the QR code on the right side of the screen to add WeChat friends for consultation. We have professional staff to answer your doubts. 2The second step: provide your needs You explain your needs to us, our professionals will make quotations according to your needs, and negotiate with you about the process of proofing and mass production. And we have professional designers who can design the printing pattern of your packaging for you one-to-one until you are satisfied. Professional custom packaging bag plastic bag/non-woven bag PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan QR code for consultation
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