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Where to find high-quality food packaging bag manufacturers?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-08
Food packaging bags are the main business of Shenzhen Packaging Co., Ltd. How to choose a reliable food packaging bag manufacturer is not a simple matter. The editor believes that it is necessary to comprehensively consider the following aspects in order to choose a high-quality and trustworthy food packaging bag supplier. 1. Qualification of food packaging bag manufacturers​According to the 'National Food Safety Law', food packaging manufacturers must have the corresponding qualification business license and production license. Packaging business scope: production and processing; plastic products, paper products; printing of printed matter. This is the normal business scope of manufacturers of food packaging bags, and it must be shown on the business license. Products that can be produced by packaging: plastic packaging containers for food and other products, including non-composite bags, composite bags, food tools, etc. The production quality management of packaging in food packaging bags has obtained ISO9001 certification, which is also the guarantee of the quality of food bags. At the same time, the food packaging bag products produced can provide third-party product inspection report certificates according to customer needs. Such as the National Food Packaging Products and Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center CNAS, the European Union's Food Packaging Product Quality Supervision and Inspection SGS, Canada's Food Packaging Product Quality Supervision and Inspection SFCA, the United States Food Packaging Product Quality Supervision and Inspection FDA, etc. The food packaging bag testing items here are divided into three categories: mechanical function, physical and chemical function, and weather resistance function. The specific detailed items are determined according to customer needs. Second, the production capacity of food packaging bag manufacturers The production capacity here includes the ability of compounding, color printing, bag making and so on. Lamination is an essential ability for food bags to make suitable materials, because it is difficult for single-layer films to meet the requirements of food packaging. The compounding capabilities here include environmental protection, method, compounding quality, etc. The packaging has three types of compounding methods: dry, solvent-free, and co-extrusion. The adhesives used are all environmentally friendly adhesives, and the compounding quality is high: good strength, no adhesive It will overflow, and there is almost no solvent residue. The ability of color printing is the key to the production of food packaging bags with exquisite pictures, which not only detects the ability of equipment, but also detects the ability of the captain. In terms of packaging equipment, there are 11-color automatic high-speed gravure printing machines, with a feeding width of 1.25m and a speed of 320m/min. 12 colors can be printed at the same time, and the ink volume and color can be controlled manually and intelligently, and the color printing effect is more accurate and beautiful. Our captain has 20 years of professional printing experience, and is very professional in the printing performance of various materials, ink characteristics, and spot color ink deployment. According to the material and food bag color printing requirements, the ink color, ink amount and ink type can be adjusted. The inks used are all food grade, with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and ordinary. The bag making ability is the ability of food packaging bag manufacturers to provide what kind of bag type food bags. Now many food production enterprises have automatic packaging equipment and use automatic packaging roll film. But sometimes small batch semi-automatic packaging still requires the use of product bags, or the automatic packaging equipment used by some manufacturers requires the use of product food bags. There are 8 kinds of bag making machines, including zipper bag machine, nozzle bag machine, stand-up bag machine, self-sealing bag machine, middle bag sealing machine, three-side bag sealing machine, four-side bag sealing machine, eight-side bag sealing machine, and film blowing bag machine. The model can supply various types of food packaging bags in an all-round way. The production capacity of the packaging is strong, the quality is excellent, and the quality is carefully checked. Generally, the supply cycle of color printing roll film is 7-10 days, and the color printing food packaging bag of products is 10-15 days. 3. Additional services for food packaging bag manufacturers Additional services include supporting products, planning services, and after-sales services. There are many supporting products available for packaging. The food packaging supporting products that our own factory can supply include: blister inner tray, blister box, cover box, plastic bowl, tray, plate, etc.; supporting products of cooperative manufacturers: self-adhesive, Elevators, paper cards, cartons, etc. Planning service is an important service, providing customers with convenience, eliminating the risk of looking for a planning company and avoiding the danger of being overpriced. Our packaging design team has a rich experience in food packaging design, innovative design and design decisions, and fits the product theme. At present, the planning team has a total of 3 people, who are professional in concept planning. After-sales service, we will provide assistance as much as possible for the problems encountered by customers in packaging. Regarding packaging products with questionable quality, we will automatically assume responsibility and solve problems for customers as soon as possible. The policy is to provide the most professional value positioning packaging for major enterprises. The above are the three aspects that food companies should consider when choosing food packaging bags. Here, the editor also discusses the talents of Shenzhen packaging in these three aspects. Packaging is a powerful, responsible and targeted food packaging bag manufacturer, and a reliable and high-quality supplier. Food packaging bag color printing custom acquisition, packaging is trustworthy.
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