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Which Dongguan Food Packaging Processing Factory Is Good

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-30
Dongguan food packaging manufacturers: Dongguan. Design positioning is like deciding a route for customers, and finding a suitable route is likely to be a hit. Finding a suitable design style for packaging means finding a living space for the product that can be recognized by the market. Dongguan food packaging manufacturers 1. Market positioning: The market positioning of packaging design needs to first determine the position of the product in the market, and the market positioning of the product is usually determined by the merchant.  ① Product grade; ② Market selection; ③ Placement position 2. Consumer positioning: Only accurate consumer positioning can capture consumers as much as possible, and the consumer groups targeted by goods are usually determined by the merchant. ① Gender and age; ② Hobbies; ③ Purchasing ability 3. Food packaging design style positioning: The style of food packaging design is ever-changing. How to find the right direction and determine the style at the beginning of the design is also the key to the success of the design expression .  ①, the nature of the product itself. ② Design expression of similar products. ③ Consumer preferences. A trademark is a symbol of a product, a mark that distinguishes the product from other products, an important information for consumers to identify the product, and the core of the brand.  ①, concise and catchy. ②. Describe the category of the product. ③. The icon of the Dongguan food packaging box manufacturer that appears on the main display surface of the package is a graphic symbol with referential significance. According to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, in addition to graphics, some words must appear in the package.  ①, highly concentrated. ② Quickly communicate. ③, easy to remember. 4. How to determine a suitable hue for the packaging of hue organization and color matching requires the designer to listen to the sound of the product. Reasonable color selection and color matching can enrich the level of packaging, and inappropriate colors can make packaging information confusing.  ①, highlight the individuality of the packaging. ②, attract the attention of consumers. Dongguan Food Packaging Processing Factory-Dongguan solves customers’ worries that the final packaging processing cannot achieve their expected results. Special offers free packaging box proofing. Dongguan Packaging Service Co., Ltd. is the largest professional manufacturer of customized processing and packaging. Dongguan Packaging Service Co., Ltd. is free Provide packaging design, packaging proofing, delivery and other services. Dongguan Packaging Service Co., Ltd. has been focusing on packaging design, production, proofing, processing, research and development since its establishment. Dongguan Uxin packaging service is a must for food manufacturers every year Packaging processing manufacturers, because we are professional and focused on packaging processing design, Dongguan Packaging Services Co., Ltd. has been serving our customers, vigorously promoting technological innovation, highlighting brand optimization and structure, and working with partners to achieve a comprehensive win-win situation for the entire industry chain , To promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of cooperation between each other, and create an enterprise that has a long-lasting foundation, pursues excellence, and stands proudly in fierce market competition. He is paying attention: In the era of automation, are you still using personnel packaging? Analysis of the seven functional elements of packaging
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