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Which is the best plastic bag factory?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-14
Which is the best plastic bag factory? The plastic bag factory is a little helper in our daily life, because plastic bags play an important role in people's necessities of life. The selection criteria of plastic bags are also very important, so pay special attention when choosing a plastic bag factory. Let's introduce them below. To choose environmentally friendly and non-toxic plastic bags, you must first see if there are any“for food”this logo. The logo is generally on the front of the food bag. The color of the regular plastic bag is transparent and free of impurities, and it feels delicate and does not scratch when touched by hand. Look at the plastic bag under the light or sunlight. If there are black spots or impurities, be sure not to buy it for use. It is made of discarded plastic bags and is likely to be poisonous. Be sure to smell the smell when buying plastic bags. Qualified plastic bags should be non-toxic and odorless, without any irritating toxic gases. Smelly plastic bags are added with various additives, which will cause harm to the human body, and must not be purchased. Qualified plastic bag factories are strong and durable, with very high strength, and will not be easily torn off. Unqualified plastic bag factories add harmful substances and are not strong to use. Breaks easily. Good plastic bags will make a crisp sound when shaken, and poor plastic bags will be quiet and muffled. Another way to test the quality of plastic bags is to put them in water. The ones that float up are non-toxic plastic bags, and the ones that sink to the bottom are toxic plastic bags. Put the plastic bag on the fire, it will burn quickly, the flame is yellow, and it will flow down drop by drop like a candle. Smells like paraffin. Toxic plastic bags are difficult to burn, the flames are green, and they give off a choking smell. Choose a good manufacturer of plastic bags, make packaging bags for 20 years, your preferred partner. Professional custom packaging bags plastic bags/non-woven bags PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan two-dimensional Code consultation quote
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