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Why do food packaging bags produce peculiar smell?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-18
There are several forms of peculiar smell in food packaging bags: one is the various additives of the resin itself and its own low molecular substances; the second is the peculiar smell produced in the film processing; the third is the peculiar smell in the flexible packaging processing; the fourth is the peculiar smell produced in the storage. Reasons for appearance: 1.“Odors in flexible packaging processing”Refers to the residual solvent or monomer smell when ink, adhesives, and solvents are used. two,“Odors from storage”, means that the product is placed in an odorous environment for a long time, and the irritating molecules will be adsorbed on the surface to cause some special tastes. The same is true in transit. The storage temperature should be lower than 35 degrees, otherwise the low-molecular substances will migrate out quickly, causing the taste to rise. The source of the peculiar smell when opening the packaged food can also be divided into three situations. First, the content itself has undergone obvious deterioration, and its appearance and taste have undergone obvious changes. This situation is more common in the packaging products of cooked meat; the second is that the packaging bag itself has various odors, which is more common in the packaging of various types of dry food. The third situation is a combination of the above two situations, that is, there is an odor of the packaging material itself, and at the same time, the contents have also deteriorated to some extent. This situation is more common in fried food packaging. Whether the packaged food has deteriorated, I believe readers and consumers will have their own judgments. However, in practice, when food spoilage occurs, some food factories will complain that the packaging materials provided by the printing factory have poor gas barrier properties, and some printing factories will complain that the products provided by the ink factory or the adhesive factory are not good.
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