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Why do vacuum packaging bags leak?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-08
After some people buy a vacuum packaging bag, they find that the packaging bag will leak air after a period of time. Then, why does the vacuum packaging bag leak air, and what are the reasons for the air leakage? 1. The vacuum bag may be damaged due to bumps during transportation, resulting in air leakage. Therefore, the vacuum bag must be protected during transportation to avoid damage. 2. It may be because the quality of the bag is not good enough, the vacuum packaging bag does not meet the standard when heat sealing, or the packaging bag leaks due to material and other reasons. 3. Excessive extraction during vacuuming will cause the bag to be damaged. Here, it is recommended to choose the preferred packaging for customized vacuum packaging bags, because the packaging is not only about the production of the packaging bags, the quality is no problem, you can buy with confidence. The packaging bag is damaged and air leakage occurs.
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