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Why does the ink layer fall off in the aluminum foil bag?

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-22
Aluminum foil bag is one of the most common products in packaging bags. It is widely used in food packaging, electronic packaging, etc. The protective layer of aluminum foil bag has poor adhesion or heat resistance and is more prone to ink shedding. How about aluminum foil bag custom manufacturers? How to solve the problem of ink shedding? Quality problems: Analysis of the reasons for the ink layer falling off of the drug packaging bag in the aluminum foil bag: ——The protective layer on the surface of the aluminum foil bag of the packaging material can prevent oxidation and corrosion of the aluminum foil bag, and can also protect the printed layer on the surface of the aluminum foil bag from being damaged. Grind flowers. If the protective layer has poor adhesion or poor heat resistance, when peeling occurs during heat sealing or other heating processes, the protective effect of the ink will be weakened, so that the ink layer is prone to be rubbed off and peeled off. It can be verified by testing the adhesion of the protective layer and the heat resistance of the protective layer. Improper control of the printing process-If the printing process is improper, it is easy to cause the adhesion and strength of the ink on the surface of the aluminum foil to decrease. After the protective layer is missing, the ink is prone to fraying or falling off. Expert advice:-Pay attention to the testing of the adhesiveness of the protective layer of the aluminum foil bag and the heat resistance of the protective layer-Adjust the printing process appropriately : Protective layer adhesion, protective layer heat resistance-test results: in the protective layer adhesion test, the protective layer of the aluminum foil bag did not fall off, but in the protective layer heat resistance test, the protective layer was obviously Of falling off. Therefore, the heat resistance of the protective layer is poor, and the protective layer is prone to fall off when undergoing heat sealing or other high-temperature links, which is the main reason that the printed handwriting is easy to be rubbed. Please indicate the source for reprinting: Plastic Bag Co., Ltd.
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