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Why does the nut packaging bag have a peculiar smell

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-02
Quality problems: Some nut manufacturers report pungent odors when using roll film bags. Reason analysis: ——Improper control of the printing process of packaging bag materials — The organic solvents (alcohols, ketones, lipids, benzene and other solvents) that dissolve the printing ink on the packaging materials are not fully volatilized, which plays a role in the nut oil composition Bottom, the residual solvent is more likely to migrate to the inside of the nut. Improper control of the compounding process-As a result, when the compound film of the packaging bag used is compounded with the adhesive, the organic solvent that dissolves the adhesive is not volatilized. The quality of raw materials is poor-the resin raw materials used to produce the packaging materials themselves or the small molecules with peculiar smells added to them contain a lot of content. Adhesives are of poor quality-the adhesives used in the compounding process produce harmful substances such as toluene diamine at high temperatures. Expert advice: ——Pay attention to the detection of sanitary performance indicators such as solvent residues, evaporation residues, toluene diamine content, potassium permanganate consumption, etc. in packaging bags. ——Choose appropriate inks (such as solvent-free inks), adhesives, and adjust the volatilization and drying process parameters during printing and compounding
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