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Why Japanese packaging design features are so successful

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-17
Why did the editor give an example of Japan? To be honest, their packaging design is indeed very distinctive. They will make a zero-distance contact with the product packaging on the market.  Interpreting the background and reasons of packaging design   1. The in-depth study of morphology, traditional graphics and perceptual engineering in Japanese design education is through observation of phenomena, we can trace the background of the creation and realization of this design. Japanese scholars have done in-depth research on the basic education of modern design, and gradually formed theories and methods with their own characteristics. They have done in-depth research and interpretation of Western constructivist modeling ideas and color sciences, and built the so-called 'three major components' education system with the unique subdivision concept of Japan; at the same time, they have not given up on the traditional patterns of the East. The study and interpretation of learning, such as traditional patterns and processing techniques centered on 'kimono' costumes.   In addition, with the increasingly fierce market competition, the consumer demand-oriented product development model has gradually become the mainstream. Therefore, research on the theoretical system of so-called 'perceptual engineering' is becoming more and more mature in Japan. It is essentially a way of using the concepts and methods of engineering technology to explore the different 'perception values' and their relationships between the interaction of 'human' senses and 'things'. In the field of product design, it quantitatively expresses people's perceptual intentions of 'things' and correlates them with product features to design products that meet people's expectations. 2. The multicultural environment and self-reliant national consciousness gave birth to the 'Japanese taste' in the design. In Japan, it is not difficult to feel the multiculturalism rooted in this land. There are completely copied European and American things, and some imported from ancient China. 'Zen State' means that it also has the simplicity and magnificence of pure Japan, and it also has the newly exploded 'Japanese fashion'. However, what can attract the author's attention is still the 'Japanese flavor'. Imagining the formation of these 'Japanese flavorsDriven by the common aesthetic spirit of 'Japanese tasteAbility. For example, the redevelopment and reprocessing of traditional materials to make them produce new ideas. Re-printing those meticulous patterns on Washi paper using the meaning of the new fashion, and then using this type of Washi in future designs, has kept the 'Japanese taste' alive and changing.  Several small product packaging design cases  Case 1: Gazpacho, a traditional Japanese dessert, often used as a 'companion' in the tea ceremony. It is generally made of rice flour, which is divided into hard and soft. The hard is similar to biscuits and rice cakes, and the soft is similar to Chinese glutinous rice cakes. For a food and beverage country like China, this kind of unremarkable snack seems not worth mentioning. However, it is the most common confectionery that, after careful design and packaging by designers, plays a very important role in daily etiquette life in Japan and becomes a great gift.   First of all, there are various changes in the shape and color design and production of the fruit. Secondly, after packaging, it presents different grades in the market, with prices ranging from several thousand yen to tens of thousands of yen. Popular packaging is generally three layers. The outermost layer is wrapping paper, with Japanese manga, traditional patterns or text as the main graphics, and some directly use Japanese paper. The second layer is a carton, with plastic compartments inside the box, and the fruits are neatly arranged in it, and there are also separate plastic packages. The precious gift set has four or more layers. In addition to the more exquisite design of the outer wrapping paper and the box, the separately packaged layer is also more thoughtful. It is painted by hand painted with an impermeable coating. Wrapping paper is hand-made into various shapes, just like meticulous works of art. This kind of ordinary sweets is shaped into a valuable gift.   Case 2: Pickles    The same packaging characteristics are shown in another humble food-pickles. Japanese designers have indeed put a lot of effort into the packaging of pickles. In order to convey the concept of nature and environmental protection, the packaging of pickles uses a large number of natural materials or artificial (leaf, bamboo leaves) materials; sometimes they are imaged as the original materials, like whole radishes and whole cabbage, and strive to express Come up with a meaning of returning to the natural ecology. It is through various careful designs that the added value of the product can be improved.  Case 3: Bento  Bento is a daily fast food in Japan, and it is sold in supermarkets and small shops. For different classes of office workers, their product grades and packaging are different. The economical packaging is ordinary cartons and imitation wooden cartons, and the advanced ones are wooden or plastic boxes imitation lacquerware. This design comes from traditional Japanese dining, which uses wood and ceramic utensils and is served in lacquered boxes. Nowadays, urban office workers are pursuing this kind of diet, and designers continue to use this method. The only difference is that they are made with easily recyclable paper materials such as recycled paper and recycled wood, so that people can enjoy traditional food when eating. Beauty and cost savings.   There are too many such cases. I can't help thinking about where is China's product development and packaging design, production and even marketing heading on the international platform? How is the spirit of modern China presented? These propositions are what we especially need to ponder.
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