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Wonderful packaging design: design can be grounded, but not grounded

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-28
The importance of packaging design is well known, good design can add points to the product and help the product“out of the circle”. Bad design has the effect of driving customers away, making people lose the urge to explore the product. recently“Wonderful packaging design”Once on the hot list, let's take a look at why these packages are called“Wonderful flower”. At the same time, paper-plastic packaging provides you with some effective suggestions, hoping that everyone's packaging can have a suitable design. 1. Rational use of window-opening packaging packaging is very popular. Designers can not only express different design concepts through patterns and colors, but also make a fuss about the window shape to achieve coordination and unity with the packaging bag as a whole. However, the window opening design can design the shape according to the characteristics of the product, such as seafood. The window opening part can be based on the shape of the seafood, reflecting the fattest part of the seafood, while the non-window area of ​​the packaging bag can be designed with seafood modeling patterns to help consumers. The brain takes the shape of the whole seafood and stimulates consumption. However, the combination of open and closed windows cannot make people think of unsuitable food, such as this biscuit, so that the society makes the biscuit look like hair and affects appetite. 2. Avoid supernatural factors With the advancement of globalization, Halloween is becoming more and more popular in our country, especially among teenagers, Halloween will prepare various funny factors, finger cookies, simulated brains, etc. During this period, packaging with horror and supernatural themes was more popular. But in daily life, consumers may be intimidated when they suddenly find products of this design on the supermarket shelves. 3. The design considers many factors, who would have thought that one day, they will be scared by a bottle of shampoo? Fluorescence is more common in design. When using fluorescence, it is not only necessary to consider the effect during the day, but it is also necessary to conduct experiments in a dark environment. Fourth, pay attention to the export method The common export methods of packaging include tearing and twisting, and some fluids need to be squeezed out, such as ketchup. The packaging of this kind of food should be kept as simple as possible to avoid“Another way”. The first point of food is to make people happy to eat, and there is no need for funny designs to attract attention.
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