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You can use color-printed vacuum bags with confidence

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-16
According to the different requirements of customers and the substantive needs of the products in the body, the types and styles of vacuum packaging bags also have different classifications and characteristics. Generally, vacuum packaging bags can be divided into ordinary vacuum bags, boiled vacuum bags, cooking vacuum bags according to the packaging performance requirements. Bags and aluminum foil bags are divided into three-side sealing, back sealing and organ bags according to the packaging style. According to the printing type, they are divided into ordinary printing type, multi-layer composite printing type and non-printing type. Here we will focus on the printing type of vacuum packaging. When choosing vacuum packaging bags to package products, some manufacturers will choose some products with beautiful printing and attractive appearance, but they are worried that this kind of vacuum packaging bags will fade and pollute the products. This will happen. The production process of the vacuum bag is to first print a layer of plastic film, and then composite another layer or layers together. In this composite process, the side with the printed pattern is sandwiched between two or more layers by a composite solvent. In this way, the phenomenon of packaging color falling off is directly avoided, and the phenomenon of color falling off will not occur after high temperature sterilization of 120 degrees and low temperature of minus 20 degrees in time. Consumers can buy food packaged in vacuum packaging bags with complete confidence. There will be no negative impact on food safety.
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