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You must be a common three-side sealing food packaging bag

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-18
Three-side sealing food packaging bags, that is, sealing on three sides, leaving only one opening for the user to install the product. Three-side sealed food packaging bags are a common bag-making method. The air tightness of the three-sided sealed bag is good, and this method of bag making is more common and often uses a vacuum bag. The combination of single-sided three-sided sealing bag and zipper, and the combination of three-sided sealing food packaging bag zipper bag are very popular with customers. Aluminum foil packaging usually refers to aluminum-plastic composite vacuum packaging bags. These products are suitable for moisture-proof, light-proof and vacuum packaging of large-scale precision machinery, chemical raw materials, and pharmaceutical intermediates. The four-layer structure commonly used in food packaging bags has good water and oxygen resistance functions. Not limited, you can customize different specifications and packaging bags, and can also be made into flat bags, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles. Common raw materials for food packaging bags: polyester, chlorinated polyethylene, chlorinated polyethylene, OPP, PA, AL, KPET, NY, etc. Applicable products: plastic food packaging bags, vacuum nylon bags, rice packaging bags, standing bags, zipper bags, aluminum foil bags, tea bags, candy bags, powder bags, rice bags, cosmetic bags, facial mask bags, medicine bags, pesticide bags. Paper plastic bags, bowl sealing films, special-shaped bags, anti-static bags, film rolls, plastic bags for automatic packaging machines. Sealed packaging for various consumables such as printers, copiers, etc.; suitable for various conventional materials such as PP, PE and PET. Product features: Three-side sealed food packaging bags have good barrier properties, moisture resistance, low heat sealability and high transparency. And can also print 1 to 9 colors in color. Commonly used in composite packaging bags for daily necessities and cosmetic composite bags, composite packaging bags for toys, composite packaging bags for gifts, composite packaging bags for hardware, composite packaging bags for clothing, composite packaging bags for shopping malls, composite packaging bags for electronic products, composite packaging bags for jewelry, sports Packaging boutique beauty products from all walks of life, including equipment composite packaging bags
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