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Zipper bag customization, the source factory understands

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-14
The zipper bag is suitable for the packaging of all kinds of clothing and other industries. For example, the packaging of food, jewelry, cosmetics, hardware electronics, postal products and other products will use zipper bags. Therefore, how can there be no zipper bags for organizing storage and packaging products? Although the zipper bag was originally only to maintain the integrity of the quantity and quality of clothing, with the development of society, the current clothing packaging bag has already directly affected the value and sales of the product, and the zipper bag has not only become a necessary part in the clothing industry, It is also a necessary part of our daily life. So where are the zipper bags made? Today, the professional flexible packaging manufacturer will take you to the source factory to learn about it. 1. Types of zipper bags Generally speaking, there are many types of zipper bags. Not only the things printed on the zipper bags are different, but also the materials and styles are very different. But they need one thing in common, that is, to ensure quality. When we go to the manufacturer to customize the zipper bag, we must pay attention to the quality. 2. Shop around for the zipper bag customization process. High-quality zipper bag manufacturers not only pay attention to word-of-mouth strength, but also check the manufacturer's production technology. You can go to the manufacturer's official website or have a comprehensive understanding on the spot, and then make business contacts. The main content of the contact is the selection of materials. The selection of materials is very important. Since the properties of each material are different, the products that can be packaged also have certain differences. For example, most of the general clothing zipper bags are selected“frosted”Or materials that are transparent and frosted on the other side, and PVC, PE and other materials are also used. After the negotiation, it is necessary to confirm that the style of the customized zipper bag is ordered, and related business information such as product, quantity, price, delivery time, etc. shall be confirmed. After confirming the design drawings of the zipper bag, and then finalizing the draft, we can provide the printed LOGO pattern, and can also propose a free design to the manufacturer. Finally, place an order. Before placing an order, you need to confirm whether the transaction information of the zipper bag is correct, and then place the order, pay, and wait for delivery. The zipper bag sample is manufactured, sent to the customer to confirm the effect, and then mass production. The zipper bag is assembled and shipped out of the warehouse to start delivery, logistics and distribution, after-sales service, etc. 3. The source factory of zipper bags, Shenzhen Packaging Products Co., Ltd., has accumulated 20 years of accumulation and is specialized in packaging operations. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, planning and production. The company is committed to continuing to supply innovative plastic bag products for clothing, food, home gifts, electronics and other industries, gathering advanced processing and manufacturing concepts in the industry, listening to customer needs, providing customers with personalized plastic bag solutions, and satisfying customer needs, Realize win-win value.
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